source: Updated: 2016-10-31


Yudu County is located in the eastern part of Ganzhou city ,It covers a total area of  2893 square kilometers, governing  14 townsand and 9  Rurals, 357 administrative villages. the total population of the County was 980.000.

 Yudu superior in location and convenient transportation.Yudu is located  in the east of Ganzhou city, the
location advantage obviously, is a gateway to both Ningdu, Xingguo, Ruijin and so on Hedong six counties as the only way, known as "the mother of six counties," the good reputation of being easily accessible, 323 State Road, 319 National Road, Ganlong Railway and is now being built Kun- Xa highway passing through, build a highway, railway, highway as whole of the modernization of transport network.