source: Updated: 2016-10-31


Dingnan County of Jiangxi Province is located in the southern border, and the far East, Xunwu connected with the Guangdong Southern Ryongchon, at the junction of peace, adjacent to the West and South-North border with the letter Fung, exempted seven towns and 119 administrative villages. Land area of 1318.54 square kilometers. Population 210,000, non-agricultural population of 36,600. County resident calendar towns, the county built the total area of 5.61 square kilometers, the urbanization rate to 34.04 percent. South of the ancient Yangzhou domain, the first Spring and Autumn period Chu, after a Miss, Longqing 2003 in the Ming Dynasty (1569) cut letter Fung, Lung South, the three counties far from the border Qibao Jian County, Jiangxi attached to the state. Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong 38, to Dingnan County for the Ganzhou-Hofu the South Hall. In two years the Office Complex to the county, southern Jiangxi Road is, in 15 directly under the province. August 1949 for the liberation of the South, under the District Inspector of the Office of Ganzhou, in July 1978 under the Civil Administration in Ganzhou, in July 1999 under the Ganzhou City. For the entire topography of a South East, West, North uplift on three sides, slightly lower south-central, south open; mountains 9 Caroline mountains, the highest point in the eastern town of Egongyan big Shanao, elevation 1,072 meters. River in the vertical and horizontal, and belong to the Dongjiang river in Jiangxi Province, has 244 large and small rivers, the average total convergence of 1.7889 billion cubic meters, the water reserves of 96,700 kilowatts, for the generating capacity of 38,600 kilowatts. Riverbed gradient, for the exploitation of water resources in more than 142.1 million cubic meters. The forest coverage rate as high as 80 percent, is the source of Dongjiang River Nature Reserve, and natural conditions is extremely advantageous. A mild climate, abundant rainfall, light is rich in resources, the average temperature of 18.8 , the average annual frost-free period 296 days. Deposits mainly tungsten, rare earth-ion, titanium-iron, the note-issuing gold, lead and zinc, non-metallic minerals mainly flake graphite, the base of the gabbro, fluorite, bentonite, porcelain clay. Industry has been formed biopharmaceutical, knitted garments, electronic processing, steel rolling, bamboo processing, food processing, deep processing of rare earth and other seven leading industries, has been Newbridge art, Southern Rare Earth, Dahua new materials, Long Park W Steel, iron and steel Yingxiang, gifted Lima Group, the China Branch magnetic, Hongfan Rare Earth, Jiangxi set Nancy UMC, and other key enterprises settled in the county industrial park. Developed transport network, the Beijing-Kowloon railway operator of the South for 17.8 kilometers, Jiangxi and Guangdong Expressway scheduled for the 13.878 km south of the state secondary road 120 km, formed a stable and highways, the wide road, Jiangxi Yuegao Su.