3 Dominant Industries of Ganzhou Show Positive Signs

source: Updated: 2016-10-31


  The photo shows the outdoor location of hydrofluoric acid production line of Xingguo Jinying Fluorine Industry Co., Ltd.

  (Photo by Reporter Liu Kai)

  Thanks to the grace of God, Gannan has the reputation of "Tungsten Capital of the World" and "Kingdom of Rare Earth", and the reserve of fluorite resources leads the procession of the whole province's.

  This year, by the implementation of supportive policies, promotion of the integration of resources, implementation of resource reserves, promotion of projects construction and guide of upgrading of enterprises such a series of measures, Ganzhou has made the three dominant industries show some positive signs in the general downturn environment of global economy.

  As an industry besides tungsten, rare earth, villiaumite chemical industry those three major industrial clusters, the navel orange industry is firmly seizing the construction of navel orange marketing system and the development of sweet orange-processing industry these two keys, so that let the "Green Treasure" disseminate a new light!

  Today, Ganzhou effectively changes a variety of resource advantages into economic advantages. The situation of "Gannan people sit on 'Gold Mountain' to worry about food" has gone forever.

  (Intern He Juan & Reporter Ren Shilan)